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Simplification of employment of aliens for certain professions in Slovenia


The recently published Order on determining the occupations in which the employment of aliens is not linked to the labor market (the “Order”) will simplify employment of aliens in Slovenia, but only for a limited period of time and only for certain professions.

In general, aliens have to obtain a single permit (combined residence and working permit) in order to be able to work in Slovenia. The conditions and related tasks for obtaining the single permit are regulated by Employment, Self-employment and Work of Aliens Act (“ZZSDT”). In order to obtain a single permit, Slovenian Employment Service has to grant a consent (various types) thereto.

One of the conditions for granting the consent is that there are no suitable unemployed persons listed in the register of unemployed persons held by Slovenian Employment Service. The Order provides that the Slovenian Employment Service must grant the consent to the single permit without verification of the fulfillment of the above mentioned condition in cases the alien will perform work as a welder, driver of heavy trucks and tractors, toolmaker or turner. In these professions, the employer may without verifying the fulfillment of the mentioned condition employ a maximum 50 workers in one calendar year.

The Order shall apply from 15 March 2016 until 30 June 2017.


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Amela Žrt