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Meet the Law | Important Projects of Common European Interest Hydrogen

Order no. 6403-A/2020

Order no. 6403-A/2020 of June 17, which establishes the opening of a period for expression of interest for participation in the future Important Projects of Common European Interest (hereinafter “IPCEI”) Hydrogen.

In order to support the development of the industrial value chain around green hydrogen, the European Commission is currently promoting an initiative IPCEI. The IPCEI enable knowledge, expertise, financial resources and economic agents to be brought together across the Union, in order to overcome important market or systemic gaps.

The aim is to bring together the public and private sectors and boost the implementation of large-scale projects with a high innovative component, which provide significant benefits for the European Union and its citizens.

The aforementioned Order refers to the implementation of a green hydrogen production project, which is an integral part of the National Hydrogen Strategy, and which aims to install an industrial unit in Sines for the production of green hydrogen with full capacity in electrolysers of at least 1 GW by 2030, powered by renewable energy, namely solar and wind.

The aim is to achieve the capacity to integrate, simultaneously, the dimensions of production on an industrial scale, of processing, storage and transport, and of internal and external consumption, by means of export, based on strategic partnerships, both national  and European.

According to this diploma, interested companies must send their project proposals by July 17, 2020.
An info day will be organized as a result of the completion of the admission of projects, which will take place on July 27, in order to clarify any complementarities.

This Order can be consulted here.


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