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CMS provides ASR with unique knowledge portal with access to Rechtsorde.nl


Legal and tax service provider CMS has launched a unique knowledge portal for client ASR. This web portal gives over 45 legal staff AT ASR access to legal knowledge and relevant information about CMS. The know-how is integrated into a specific version of Rechtsorde.nl - tailored to the needs of ASR.

Rechtsorde.nl is a content integration system used for unlocking legal and tax information, tailored to the working process and the needs of the professional. It provides access to various relevant sources, such as Overheid.nl, Rechtspraak.nl and EUR-lex through a convenient interface.

Dolf Segaar, Managing Partner of CMS in the Netherlands, explains: "CMS was one of the first law firms to integrate internal knowledge in Rechtsorde.nl for its own users. We asked Rechtsorde to work on a similar product for our clients to enable us to share information with our clients. The big advantage for the client is that all these sources can be searched at once using the advanced search engine of Rechtsorde.nl."

CMS shares contact information, publications and knowledge through this unique knowledge sharing portal in an attractive and innovative way. Anton-Pieter van Logtestijn, Head of Legal Affairs of ASR, welcomes the knowledge portal offered by CMS: "CMS has added value to our relationship by providing us with the opportunity to work more efficiently through this portal. The portal supports our legal teams in their work and makes cooperation with CMS lawyers easier."

The experiences at ASR in the coming period will be used by CMS and Rechtsorde to determine the further development of knowledge portals for other clients.

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