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CMS. Ready for your future  

We are CMS, one of the biggest law firms in the world, with more than 70 offices in over 40 countries. We combine in-depth knowledge of the Dutch market, which we have been serving for over a century, with a global network and perspective.  

Excellence calls for specialisation, which is why we choose to focus on complex briefs in sectors including real estate, pharma, financial institutions, energy and technology. Above all, we specialise in you, in our clients. We know your market, the arena in which you operate. We are proactive, a useful sparring partner and a dependable resource at crucial moments.

All we offer you is everything we have – ourselves. Our global expertise, our years of experience, our drivenness and will to further your cause. In doing so, pragmatism can be an asset – always focused on one interest: yours.

Our knowledge is extensive, and that includes knowing what we don't know. Like you, we don't know what tomorrow will bring. To lead is to look ahead, but the view is often restricted. So we’ll work with you to get to grips with possible changes to legislation and regulations, future developments in your markets and the impact of technological breakthroughs. Where are opportunities likely to arise, which threats are lurking, what can we already anticipate now? 

Those who are prepared for an uncertain future can look forward to that future with more confidence.   

Our aim is to be lawyers, notaries and tax consultants who think ahead. Who establish a solid line of defence around your position and interests, but who also man the lookout tower. What's that coming over the horizon?    

The future and technological innovation play a major role for our clients and therefore also for us. CMS is closely involved in the global energy transition, the regulation of cryptocurrencies and developments around privacy and cybersecurity, alternative food sources and innovations in healthcare through the use of big data.

CMS is ready for the future. For your future.  

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Quantum com­put­ing pat­ent in­crease is far above av­er­age
On Wed­nes­day 25 Janu­ary 2023, the European Pat­ent Of­fice (EPO) is­sued their In­sight Re­port in­to quantum com­put­ing and pat­ents. In their Re­port, the EPO con­sidered quantum com­put­ing pat­ents in gen­er­al...
Happy Data Pro­tec­tion Day! What’s on the ho­ri­zon for 2023?
28 Janu­ary is Data Pro­tec­tion Day. The pur­pose of the day is to raise aware­ness and pro­mote pri­vacy and data pro­tec­tion best prac­tices. To mark the day, our Tech & Data Team has sum­mar­ised the key reg­u­lat­ory...
CMS Green Globe | New coun­try ad­ded!
Stay in­formed about the latest sus­tain­ab­il­ity claims trends and de­vel­op­ments CMS Green Globe is an in­ter­act­ive plat­form that al­lows busi­nesses and cli­ents to stay aware and duly in­formed about all the main rap­idly chan­ging trends and de­vel­op­ments re­lated to sus­tain­ab­il­ity claims across the world.Here you will find in­form­a­tion on reg­u­la­tion and de­vel­op­ments you need to know when ad­vert­ising and mar­ket­ing your busi­ness or product by us­ing sus­tain­ab­il­ity claims as well as our key ex­perts to sup­port you in nav­ig­at­ing the world of such claims.CMS Green Globe helps you to avoid gre­en­wash­ing your con­sumer in your jur­is­dic­tion as well as across the globe. Dis­cov­er CMS Green Globe Best ex­plored on desktop
Key out­comes from COP-15
At the end of 2022, the 15th Con­fer­ence of Parties of the United Na­tions Con­ven­tion on Bio­lo­gic­al Di­versity cul­min­ated in a new Glob­al Biod­iversity Frame­work to 2030. Twenty three tar­gets re­quire broad...
The European Com­mis­sion pub­lishes the res­ults of its eval­u­ation of State...
On 1 Decem­ber 2022, the European Com­mis­sion pub­lished the res­ults of the eval­u­ation it launched on 17 June 2019 on the ap­plic­a­tion of its State aid Reg­u­la­tion con­cern­ing ser­vices of gen­er­al eco­nom­ic in­terest...
SBK Art's re­quest to ini­ti­ate in­quiry pro­ceed­ings at Forten­ova denied by...
On 13 Janu­ary 2023, the Neth­er­lands En­ter­prise Cham­ber at the Am­s­ter­dam Court of Ap­peal (On­dernem­ing­skamer) re­fused the re­quest of Mo­scow based SBK Art Lim­ited Li­ab­il­ity Com­pany (SBK Art), an in­dir­ect...
What is the sig­ni­fic­ance of a clin­ic­al tri­al pro­tocol as pri­or art at the...
The EPO Ap­peal Board has fur­ther re­fined their view on when pri­or art dis­clos­ures of clin­ic­al tri­al pro­to­cols are an is­sue for pat­entab­il­ity of med­ic­al use claims. De­cision T1806/18 In de­cision T1806/18...
Bart-Ad­ri­aan de Ruijter: Fu­ture-proof com­pan­ies make ESG top pri­or­ity
ESG has be­come a stra­tegic pri­or­ity in the board­room in re­cent years, says Bart-Ad­ri­aan de Ruijter, mem­ber of the ESG task force at CMS, in an in­ter­view with FD De Wereld in 2023. Com­pan­ies pay at­ten­tion...
EU ad­opts NIS2 Dir­ect­ive to en­hance cy­ber­se­cur­ity and re­si­li­ence
The NIS2 will provide the frame­work for cy­ber­se­cur­ity risk man­age­ment meas­ures and re­port­ing ob­lig­a­tions in spe­cified sec­tors, such as en­ergy, trans­port, health, and di­git­al in­fra­struc­ture. Fur­ther­more...
CMS ad­vises on sale of a ma­jor­ity stake in Byn­der
CMS has ad­vised Byn­der on the sale of a ma­jor­ity stake to Thomas H. Lee Part­ners, L.P. (THL). Byn­der, a glob­al lead­er in Di­git­al As­set Man­age­ment (DAM), is headquartered in Am­s­ter­dam and has ma­jor of­fice...
CMS ap­points three coun­sels and one part­ner: An­nemieke Hazel­hoff, Gieneke...
CMS ap­points at­tor­ney-at-law An­nemieke Hazel­hoff and as­signed civil-law not­ar­ies Mar­iëlle de Blok and Gieneke van Ni­erop as coun­sel and at­tor­ney-at-law Os­kar van de Weijer as part­ner as per 1 Janu­ary...
European Com­mis­sion’s green light to €14.3 mil­lion Croa­tian com­pens­a­tion...
The  Croa­tian  au­thor­it­ies,  which  we  as­sisted  in  the  pre­par­a­tion  of  the  file, no­ti­fied in Au­gust 2022 to the European Com­mis­sion, a meas­ure aimed at par­tially com­pens­at­ing the dam­age...