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Useful websites/Legal sector access schemes

All About Law A great resource for advice on everything to do with starting a career in law, from university through to getting a training contract and beyond.

Aspiring Solicitors aims to provide free access, opportunity and assistance to university students from underrepresented groups.

BLD Foundation strive to support young people from ethnic minority and/or socio-economically underprivileged backgrounds towards achieving their fullest potential.

City Solicitors Horizons offer a three-year skills development and mentoring programme for first year university students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.

LawCareers.net have some fantastic resources to help point you in the right direction when you are looking to start a career in the law. 

Legable seeks to make the legal profession accessible for everyone - no matter your background. It brings together all resources available for aspiring and current law students from less advantaged backgrounds in the UK into one online platform.

Prospects helps to guide students to make the right choice by matching your skills and personality to over 400+ job profiles. 

Pure Potential works to raise the aspirations of sixth formers, encouraging them to apply to, and achieve offers from, excellent universities and leading employers.

Rare connects exceptional people from diverse backgrounds with great jobs in top organisations.

SEO London prepare talented students from ethnic minority or low socioeconomic backgrounds for career success.  

Social Mobility Business Partnership supports students from low income backgrounds in their pursuit of a career, in particular, as a legal or finance professional.

The Brokerage help young people to achieve their career potential by providing experience of work as well as skill development opportunities.   

The Social Mobility Foundation's Aspiring Professionals Programme provides e-mentoring opportunities for school-aged students.  

The Sutton Trust's Pathways to Law and Pathways Plus programmes aim to support and inspire academically able school and university students respectively from non-privileged backgrounds interested in a career in law.

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