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Privacy Policy Fatigue Already?!

CMS Digitalbytes

5 June 2018

It's been over a week since GDPR came into force and our inboxes are only just recovering from the deluge of privacy policy updates.

As this linked article notes, many of these documents are underwhelming or at worst bland and even confusing for consumers. Only a few of the smartest of companies seem to have spotted this as an opportunity to injest some brand voice and spirit into the process. The ICO recommends the use of videos, icons and infographics but these are surprisingly thin on the ground. Hopefully now that the deadline has passed and the initial workload out of the way, companies will have the space to experiment, let their marketing teams do their finest and have some fun with these! What good examples have you seen out there?

"How not to write your GDPR-'compliant' data protection policy schedule"

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