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Please don't send me to jail for a #sponsoredpost

CMS DigitalBytes

23 January 2019

What do Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Alexa Chung and Zoella have in common?

Nope, nothing to do with Veganuary. The reason they've hit the headlines this time is that they, and 12 other celebrity influencers, have agreed to change how they post online.

This specifically relates to what we call "sponsored" posts , whereby people receive money, gifts or loans in return for coverage through social media channels.

Although the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) did not make a ruling as to whether these influencers were in breach of the law, they've made their stance clear - fail to comply in clearly declaring sponsored posts, or these celebs could end up in court, receive a fine or even get sent to prison for up to 2 years.

The CMA has sent warning letters to plenty of influencers, I should imagine.  In the long term, some sort of built-in tool on social platforms to "catch" undisclosed sponsored posts might be the way to go.

Consumers need to know when something is a marketing ploy, and it can't be buried in a long list of hashtags.

Social media stars agree to declare when they post ads

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