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Insight (Issue 1): What’s new for our Scottish clients?


Back in December we held a ‘celebration of innovation’ event at the National Museum of Scotland. The Museum is an inspiring venue and home to many Scottish innovations. At CMS, we also want to become better known for the innovation we bring to our service delivery and look forward to sharing this with you. In today’s market clients repeatedly tell us that they want to understand how, together, we can achieve more for less. With this need in mind, we have created Insight. We’ll share with you insights that might help you understand how you can achieve greater value from us and can get a better understanding of what your peers are doing to improve efficiency and of course, ‘added value’.

In this edition we explore the most valuable of ‘added value’ services - secondments and knowledge. Clients frequently ask us for secondments and it’s becoming commonplace for secondees to be a service requirement in any major bids. We explore some of the secondee options available to clients and discuss what the secondment arrangement of the future might look like. We also share with you our top tips on how you can make sure you get the right secondee into your business.

CMS has been delivering online knowledge to clients for over 15 years, but 2015 has seen the relaunch of Law-Now – an innovative information news service and website that could really help in-house legal teams (and others in your organisation that need to keep up to speed with legal developments). Read on to discover exactly what’s on offer and how you can access this free service.

We hope you enjoy reading Insight. Do let us know what you think.

Insight: Issue 1, March 2015
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Portrait of Caryn Miller
Caryn Miller
Joint Managing Director for Asia and the Middle East