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Climate risk, resilience and reputation

The threat of climate change litigation continues to grow as the clamour for responsible action puts increasing pressure on businesses, organisations and governments around the world. A recent landmark judgement forcing the Dutch Government to expedite the nation’s reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a case in point.

Anticipating risk

Climate policy, law and litigation is developing at increasing pace at all levels including sector, regional, national and international levels. Pressure from investors and other stakeholders is mounting. 

The demand for monitoring, reporting and filing of emissions is increasing at significant rates. The legal and commercial risks are substantial, not only for organisations, but also for Directors of companies.

Clients come to our Disputes specialists when they have environment challenges in the Courts or indeed to seek advice from our risk and regulatory teams in order to ensure compliance. But they also come to us to future proof their businesses by anticipating the mass of law and policy change in a fast moving regulatory environment.

Protecting reputation, enhancing opportunity

The principle of ‘Do No Harm’ has gained traction and  become a key instrument in the EU’s recent announcement of a €1.8trn (to include a €750bn fund borrowed from the markets) recovery plan with two primary pillars namely green investment and digital transitions. 

Our regulatory and disputes specialists have 25 years of experience advising clients on contentious environment issues. 
They also have extensive experience of ensuring clients stay ahead of risk and regulation to enhance their reputations and the resulting opportunities that arise.

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