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A new Age of Enlightenment in International Arbitration?

Looking ahead to the 2020 ICCA Conference in Edinburgh - Part 2

27 February 2020

The ICCA 2020 Congress is taking place in Edinburgh in May 2020. CMS is delighted to be the platinum sponsor for this global event.

The theme of the Conference is “Arbitration’s Age of Enlightenment”.

In recognition of this, we are publishing a series of nine thought leadership pieces on this theme in the lead up to the Conference.

In December 2019, we shared the first three articles in the series, one by our Scottish team on technology inspired by Adam Ferguson, one by our Singapore colleagues on diversity inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft, and one by our German colleagues on emergency procedures inspired by Adam Smith.

In this issue, it is the turn of colleagues from our London, Budapest and Dubai offices who have produced pieces inspired by Rousseau, Voltaire and Descartes on the significance of precedent, equality of arms and advocacy in international arbitration.

We hope you find these articles thought provoking and look forward to sharing the final three articles with you in the Spring.

ICCA 2020 Brochure - Part 2
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