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CMS Managed Legal Services

Clients tell us that they need their legal teams to focus on providing strategic insight and advice as their businesses face unprecedented change and new challenges. At the same time, we know that legal teams’ budgets are under pressure as businesses look to control costs.  GCs and Heads of Legal are looking at their total cost of legal and for their trusted legal providers to step up and help them meet these challenges.

CMS Managed Legal Services allows in-house legal teams to focus on the most important strategic issues and projects, while providing a cost-effective delivery of routine day-to-day work that is more than just simply outsourcing the process. 

CMS Managed Legal Services brings together our lawyers, innovation, technology and project management teams from across CMS to deliver ‘business as usual’ legal workstreams on a fixed retainer model.  Unlike other suppliers we can deliver a managed service that seamlessly brings in our deep sector expertise when you need it.

CMS Managed Legal Services already supports some of the world’s biggest companies.

Key Benefits of CMS Managed Legal Services

  • Confidence  - Our services are flexible, scalable and can cover a range of workstreams.
  • Value of money and cost certainty - Pricing models that work for you with transparent reporting on costs.
  • Efficiency and cost savings - Through the use of advanced technology, automation, process mapping and right-sourcing work we can help you reduce your legal spend.
  • Better decision making and expert support - Thanks to our large network of legal and sector experts we can ensure you get the right answers quickly.

Working with our clients we are delivering managed services for aggregated work in areas such as: 

  • real estate
  • commercial contracts
  • HR services 
  • IP and
  • Regulatory change and repapering

The legal sector is splitting into firms that only want to service the ‘bet the farm’ transactions, financings and disputes and others that are seeking to process high volumes of work based around standard processes and lower cost staff to match the perceived lower value of this work. 

At CMS, we know that its often the routine legal work that drives our clients businesses – so we can support both.  At CMS we handle the largest and most complex work for our clients, and we combine this with a commitment through CMS Managed Legal Services to supporting our clients’ routine day to day work. We have the scale, experience and technology to run this efficiently, feeding in our deep sector expertise, which has resulted in delighted clients.

Sector Insight 

We have unparalleled sector experience which our clients can call upon via the CMS Managed Legal Services solution, enabling a smooth onboarding process and the efficient management of the work whether that is from real estate to consumer protection, from logistics to IP.

Service Quality

CMS clients have direct access to our best teams and therefore best advice. As a growing part of our business involves providing managed services for some of our most important clients. By working with CMS you will choose a great legal team that will truly partner with you, supported by smart processes and technology.

If you would like to know more about how CMS Managed Legal Services can help your legal team, then please do contact either your regular CMS contact or a member of the CMS Managed Legal Services team. 

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