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Risk Essentials Webinar:

Good faith in commercial contracts: piecemeal or principle?

Past event
29 September 2021, 09:30 - 10:30 UTC +00:00

Businesses that operate across borders have to navigate different legal and cultural understandings of commercial relationships. At the heart of the commercial code in many civil law jurisdictions stands the duty of good faith in business dealings. English law has generally taken a different path, instead preferring, in the words of one learned judge, "piecemeal solutions in response to demonstrated problems.” In recent years, however, the English courts have repeatedly been required to consider the scope and application of these ad hoc solutions.   

The latest developments on “good faith” in English law contracts, including: 

  • What standards does an express obligation of good faith impose?
  • What role do (dis)honesty and (un)reasonableness play?
  • Implied duties of good faith in relational and non-relational contracts
  • COVID-19 and the (potential) duty to act rationally
  • The Australian perspective: how another common law jurisdiction is grappling with the same issues
  • Good faith in a global landscape: are we seeing a convergence with the traditional civil law approach?

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  • 29 September