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NextStage AM invests in the BOW group | CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advises NextStage AM


NextStage AM announces a €10 million investment in the BOW (Be Over the World) group, an expert in connected objects and associated services.

Fast growing and profitable, BOW, a joint venture between MyKronoz and Roadeyes, is on the point of reaching the milestone of a million products sold.

With a global presence, BOW operates in both the "wearables" market (smartwatches and activity trackers) and connected vehicles market.

NextStage, the new long-term vehicle of NextStage AM, is supporting its founders/majority shareholders in the use of equity to finance the group's international development, particularly including the creation of subsidiaries in the United States and China.

This investment will also allow the development of innovative new services, based on the explosion in social networks and the emergence of an economy in which individuals are increasingly connected and guided by the value of their emotions. Connected objects are opening new possibilities for how we communicate, share and travel. These are all opportunities for the BOW group to create and lead a global community of users, particularly around the MyKronoz brand.

Participants in the transaction:
  • NextStage AM: Nicolas de Saint Etienne (partner), Julien Potier (head of investments), Arthur Vigneras (analyst)
  • Financial advisor: PAX Corporate Finance (Laurent Mouflin)
  • HR Audit and Organisation: Selescope (Damien Leblond and André-Marie Ponnou-Delaffon)
  • Accounting and financial audit: Mazars (Pierre Tchertoff and Robin Lesage)
  • Legal advisor of NextStage AM: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (Arnaud Hugot and Solenne Gilles)
  • The founders' legal advisors: STC Partners (Delphine Bariani, Bertrand Araud and Faustine Carrière)

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