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Employment And Pensions | Newsletter | June 2018


Case law updates

  1. The CJEU has clarified its view on the Diego Porras case: European law must be interpreted as not precluding national legislation which does not provide for any compensation on expiry of the term of fixed-term contracts 
  2. Hidden video-surveillance: inadmissibility of evidence from recording and wrongful dismissal 
  3. The ethical code of the company cannot violate employees’ fundamental rights 
  4. Accumulated nursing leave must be calculated based on the entire hour of absence from the workplace and not on the half hour of reduced working hours 
  5. The accident suffered by an employee on her way home is considered a workplace accident even though she stopped by a supermarket to shop 
  6. The stroke suffered by an employee who attended work despite having all the symptoms of a stroke is not considered a workplace accident 

Legal updates

  1. Lung cancer caused by inhaling silica dust is included as an occupational illness 
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