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IT security incident at CMS Germany


Berlin – There has been a cyberattack on CMS Germany. Malware was detected on a system which is part of the CMS Germany infrastructure. As a preventive measure, all external network connections were immediately temporarily disconnected. External renowned security specialists were also brought in. A crisis team was additionally set up to handle the incident. The supervisory authorities were informed about the incident as a precautionary measure. At the present time, there is no indication of a data breach or of data having been used in an unauthorised manner. Operative business is possible and almost everything is back up and running. All of the usual means of communication, such as Outlook and MS Teams, are working as normal and have been checked by the external specialists and found to be secure.

The service provider which has been brought in specialises in the forensic analysis and clarification of cyber incidents and is assisting CMS with its handling of the incident. Regular network operation will only be resumed after further analysis and the resulting recommended safety measures have been implemented. Other firms of the CMS organisation are not affected by the attack.

CMS Germany is taking this incident extremely seriously and is urgently working to overcome it swiftly and securely. Data security and data protection are top priorities for CMS. There are clear and binding IT and data security policies in place.

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