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Deutsche Bahn gewinnt mit CMS Hasche Sigle im Prozess gegen den Architekten von Gerkan


Deutsche Bahn yesterday won a legal dispute before Berlin Regional Court against the architect Meinhard von Gerkan regarding his comments on the collapse of a steel girder at Berlin central station during the "Kyrill" storm. The court allowed a claim to cease and desist of the Bahn and prohibited von Gerkan from making claims which gave the impression that under the direction of the Bahn the architect left out originally planned safety rails during construction. As a result of the decision, von Gerkan may not repeat the disputed comments without simultaneously pointing out that in the plans the rails did not have a safety or restraining function and that they were only for drainage purposes and to prevent icicles from forming. The decision was issued directly after the oral hearing on 22.05.07; the written grounds have not yet been provided.

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