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CMS Rodríguez-Azuero extends its trademark watch services to 13 countries in the region

The trademark registration is just the first step of a good trademark protection strategy. Indeed, registration is not enough for your rights to be respected by other market players, and constant monitoring of competitors' actions is the key to maintaining your right.

In order to ensure that your trademarks are fully protected, it is important to detect trademark applications submitted by third parties on identical or similar signs, either in Colombia or in neighboring territories.

If these applications were to be granted, it would be difficult and even impossible to prevent the infringing trademark from being used in trade, or it could even prevent the expansion of your business in other countries. It is then of the utmost importance to detect these applications in a timely manner, within the period of opposition.

Our team specialized in Intellectual Property offers trademark watch services to all our clients at no cost in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. In case of requiring a surveillance service with greater coverage, we can jointly establish a personalized strategy.

To confirm that your trademarks are monitored by our dedicated team, or to find out more about this topic, contact us to ip@cms-ra.com


Portrait of Karl Mutter, LL.M.
Karl Mutter, LL.M.
Portrait of Lola Kandelaft, LL.M.
Lola Kandelaft, LL.M.
Associate Director