Holistic approach

Some examples of areas in which CMS can help: 

  • Immigration law, legislation and regulations related to labour mobility, including terms and conditions of employment applicable to posted workers;
  • Recruiting and posting;
  • Administrative procedures;
  • Healthcare, pensions, social security and Bulgarian taxes for expats;
  • Collective agreements;
  • Remuneration; and
  • Declarations and sanctions.

Fun fact

Did you know that an expat requesting a work permit as a freelancer needs to supply a language certificate to prove that they know the Bulgarian language?

Did you know that hiring in Bulgaria can also mean a short-term seasonal farm employment contract for an individual day’s work?

Did you know that when a foreigner applies for a residence permit, the Migration Directorate examines the documents after receiving an opinion in writing from the State Agency for National Security.


Toshiba International Europe

Advising the client on recruitment of staff for a newly established branch office, preparation of internal regulations and employment of foreigners and immigration issues, as well as on visa related matters.

Worldwide Consulting Group

Providing legal advice related to temporary relocation of USA employees in Bulgaria.

Private person

Advising an Australian citizen on matters related to the issuance of Visa D and issues related to Bulgarian residence permit.

Roschmann Group

Advising the German client, focusing on innovative construction solutions, on employment issues related to lending Narma Studio staff to Roschmann in Bulgaria.

Greiner Extrusion Group GmbH

Supporting the worldwide leading supplier of extrusion lines with employees’ posting in Bulgaria.

Arletti and Partners

Advising the Italian immigration company on issues related to posting workers, including on registration of posting from foreign countries to Bulgaria, preparation of posting declarations, filing declaration with the competent labour authority, representation of the client following the posting in labour authority checks.

Carl Zeiss

Advising the client on the preparation, conclusion and registration of employment agreements, drafting employment agreements and job descriptions, advising the Client on posting employees from Bulgaria to third countries, drafting the set of documents necessary for posting employees (posting orders, posting annexes to employment agreements etc.).


Advising the client on issues related to employment termination and mandatory/voluntary severance payments, employment data protection, immigration questions related to issued work and residence permits.


Advising the client on issuance of a blue card work permit and general immigration questions.

On-process Technology

Advising the Client on general immigration questions and issuance of ICT work permits and residence permits.

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Bulgarian single national website on posting of workers

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