Holistic approach

Some examples of areas in which CMS can help:

  • Employee agreements covering all employment-law aspects of the international assignment lifecycle in the relevant jurisdiction from initial assignment through to termination;
  • Advice (we mean the assistance does not cover the procedure itself) in the applications for the required permits to reside and work in the country, both for expats and their family members;
  • Mobility policies;
  • International assignment services;
  • Termination of international assignment services agreements;
  • Advice regarding employers’ tax obligations, and
  • Analysis of the applicable social security scheme(s) and the consequences thereof.

Fun fact

In Algeria, there is an exchange control regulation that foreign employees must follow in terms of transferring his/her salary,

In Algeria, the employer is liable for IRG tax to be withheld at the source from the employee's salary and to be paid monthly at the latest on the 20th of the following month.                                                                                        

The social security treaties signed with Algeria have to be taken into consideration to determine the place of affiliation.

In accordance with the provisions in force, and in order to exercise a salaried activity in Algeria, a foreign employee has to obtain a work permit or temporary work authorization (Authorisation temporaire de travail: ATT).


  • Advice regarding social security regime and assistance in the preparation of appeals.
  • Assistance regarding internship in Algeria (DAIP process, apprenticeship, trainees,…).   
  • Advice in relation with tax and social security aspects related to foreign managers.
  • Day to day assistance regarding HR issues: the social works (œuvres sociales), the participation committee, retirement, the termination of work relations, occupational medicine.

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