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Czech Republic


Holistic approach

Some examples of areas in which CMS can help: 

  • Employee agreements covering all employment law aspects of the international assignment lifecycle in the relevant jurisdiction from initial assignment through to termination; 
  • Choice of suitable immigration scenario;
  • Application for the required permits to reside and work in the country, both for expats and their family members; 
  • Application for inclusion of local employers in governmental immigration programs to facilitate relocation;
  • Communication with Czech immigration authorities;
  • Mobility policies; 
  • International assignment; 
  • Termination of international assignment services agreements; 
  • HR data protection requirements; 
  • Determining the applicable pension scheme and managing pensions in different countries; 
  • Navigating the possibilities for international transfers of pension benefits and continued participation in another jurisdiction; 
  • Analysis of the applicable social security scheme(s) and the consequences thereof; and 
  • Implementation of the preferred social security scheme.

As regards any tax and social security related issues, we do not have an inhouse tax and social security dedicated team,but we can provide tax and social security related advice in cooperation with our external tax advisors, which we work with on regular basis. 

Fun fact

Did you know that when applying for any visa permitting a stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days (including certain work permits – Blue Cards and employee cards) the application requires a document proving that accommodation has been secured for the term of the applicant’s stay in the Czech Republic? That means you must secure accommodation before filing an application for a visa without knowing whether the application will be approved.


Global organizational consulting firm

Assisting a global organizational consulting firm, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance from the USA on the entire procedure of relocating its managerial employee from Australia to the Czech Republic, including guidance through the entire visa procedure of both the employee and their family members as well as related employment agenda, including drafting employment contracts.

Global automotive components

Assisting a global automotive components and precision engineered products manufacturer on all expat-related matters in respect of the acquisition of a Czech Company, including contract documentation and the visa procedure for the executive directors and their families.

American metal manufacturer

Advising an American metal manufacturer on the cross-border temporary assignment of employees from the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic.

Our experts

Key contacts

Tomáš Matĕjovský
Tomáš Matĕjovský
Head of Commercial, Regulatory and Disputes
T +420 296 798 852
Andrea Drimalova
Andrea Drimalova
Senior Associate
Co-Head of Employment
T +420 296 798 856