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Webinar: Real Estate & Insolvency

Past event
12 July 2021, 14:30 - 15:30 UTC +00:00

Although the economy seems to recover quickly, the real estate planet is and will continue to be facing challenging times. The end of the protection and support measures put in place by our governments during the pandemic will be a moment of truth for many tenants and their landlords. In this context, memories need to be refreshed on certain key topics. This to-the-point webinar will address the following issues:

  • “Covid rent”: the end of a blurred period?
  • How to react if a tenant enters into judicial reorganization ?
  • Tenant/landlord insolvency and director’s liability – do’s and don’t
  • Bankruptcy and ongoing leases – the trustee’s and landlord’s rights
  • Tenant/landlord insolvency and lender’s financial covenants State aids, subsidies and tax advantages for SMEs : will any of them survive ?

Tax consequences of debt waiver (abandon de créance/kwijting van schuldvordering) and specific tax advantages when dealing with distressed companies

We look forward to welcoming you at this webinar.

Should you have any question regarding this event, please contact us.

  • 12 July


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Stéphanie Houx
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Pierre-Axel Chabot
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