Holistic approach

CMS in Slovakia can help you with:

  • Employee agreements covering all employment-law aspects of the international assignment lifecycle in the relevant jurisdiction from initial assignment through to termination;
  • Application for the required permits to reside and work in the country, both for expats and their family members;
  • Tax optimization of salary splits and employee benefits;
  • Mobility policies;
  • International assignment services;
  • Termination of international assignment services agreements;
  • HR data protection requirements;
  • Payroll services;
  • Determining the applicable pension scheme and managing pensions in different countries;
  • Navigating the possibilities for international transfers of pension benefits and continued participation in another jurisdiction;
  • Analysis of the applicable social security scheme(s) and the consequences thereof; and
  • Implementation of the preferred social security scheme.

Fun fact

Did you know that Non-EU/EFTA nationals need a work permit from the Labour, Social Affairs and Family office and a separate residence permit from the Foreign Police?

A foreigner being appointed as a Managing Director of the company must obtain a residency permit in Slovakia for purposes of his/her registration with the Slovak Commercial Register. Slovak law makes exceptions only for citizens from EU or OECD member states.


International supplier to the automotive industry

Advice on illegal employment issues, specifically we prepared a summary of the main risks related to illegal work and illegal employment and management liability.

A British multinational automotive company

Advice on employment legal issues including illegal employment, employment of foreign nationals and agency employment.


Advice on drafting employment documentation with employees and contractors, reviewing internal regulations, reviewing contracts with work agencies, drafting data processing consents, reviewing privacy policies and reviewing contracts with professional advisors and suppliers.

A global software engineering company

Advice on changes in its management team including changing structure of existing contractual arrangements in the company and negotiating a management contract with a new Executive Director being relocated from Romania to Slovakia.

One of the leading corporate and investment banks in Central and Eastern Europe

Advice on conditions and prerequisites of temporary assignments of Slovak employees and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of such an assignment in comparison with the transfer of a Slovak business unit including employees to another employer.

A 24-hour maintenance company providing professional services for homes and businesses

Advice on assessment of legal implications of a cross-border posting of employees to Slovakia. 

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